Early Life

Nadin was born in Baghdad into an artistic family. During her childhood she lived in Iraq under different circumstances of great irony: a musically inspiring home and studying the Classical Western Violin in Baghdad. But also practicing daily life under the threat and horrors of two long and continuous wars in Iraq. After living several years in her second home Cairo and then returning one last time to Baghdad, Nadin eventually arrived in Sweden in 2001 along with many war refugees leaving her home country Iraq and her memories behind.


During her years in Sweden, Nadin has been actively leading and engaging in music and theater projects focusing on storytelling through music and lyrics. Nadin took her voice, Arabic lyrics and music into a deeper and meaningful level working with refugee children and adults, performing not only in concert halls and festivals, but also in schools and refugee camps around Sweden.


Nadin sings mainly in her mother tongue Arabic, a language she holds deep and soulful connection with. At times, she includes other languages in her performances such as Persian, Kurdish, Somalian and Romani. Her main instruments in addition to her vocals are the Guitar and the Algerian Mandole. She also appears playing the Kurdish Kupuz, the Turkish Saz and the Persian Daf.


Nadin’s main project is the renowned Swedish music group TARABBAND which she in 2008 created together with the musician Gabriel Hermansson. The group gained a large fan base in the Middle East, continuously touring in Europe and the Arab countries since 2014.

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